Tutorial 2

Digital teaching resources

Borded Panda http://www.boredpanda.com/magic-realism-paintings-rob-gonsalves/

This site looks at 25 different optical illusions, which could be shared with students. It could be used to get students starting to think how images are constructed. What techniques that are used by the artist, and why these are used. With the optical illusion site it would be interesting to get students to start looking at the different layers of the images and possibly creating their own.

Artsonia http://www.artsonia.com

This website allows students to upload their own art work and look at other students for around the world. I think this site could be used for multiple ways. Comparing and contrasting different forms or art work and looking at the different ways students have represented these.

Techbytes http://teachbytes.com/2012/11/01/test-website-evaluation-with-10-hilarious-hoax-sites/

This website has links to 11 different hoax websites, they are completely made up and include topics such as ‘buy dehydrated water’. I think this sit is great for getting students to start thinking evaluating what they are seeing on the internet. To get students thinking about what is a reliable source and how they can decide this.

“The Man Who Walked Between the Two Tower” Mordicai Gerstein

Synopsis: This book looks at the true story of French street performer Philippe Petit, who in 1974 walked between the twin towers. Philippe and his accomplices went to the top of the twin towers and he walked between them on only a tightrope, to the amazement of people below.

Key features and context of image: In the few pages prior to this suspense is building as Philippe gets ready to cross between the two towers. This image sees the suspense go to a whole new lever as the artist creates a picture form a birds eye view, this gives the perspective of being up with Philippe. As the reader you feel a sense of tension as you Philippe feels so high above the rest of the street. The artist uses strong vectors to draw your eye up, once again creating the feeling of being up high. The text used is places at the top of the page to not interrupt these vectors and allow the image to cover the whole two pages.

pic post

‘Out into the very middle he walked, as if he was walking on air itself.

Many winds whirled up from behind the towers, and he swayed with them.

He could feel the towers breathing.

He was not afraid.

He felt alone and happy and absolutely free.’

Literary texts

Lego men have been used to recreate two images from the book, they have been made trying to recreate the visual elements that are captured in the books artwork.

behind head pic

This scene shows the scene where Philippe is told he cant preform his stunt to cross between the towers. I have used different sized Lego men to create a sense of power and helplessness on the part of Philippe. The angle that the photo is taken from is looking slightly up at the people who are telling him off also helps make them seem the more dominant of the characters.

rope pic

The second image is taken just before Philippe is about to step off the buildings onto the tightrope. The angle of this image has changed, I have used a birds eye view as this creates a sense of making Philippe feel small and at the mercy of his environment.

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